Here you will find rare jazz records for sale, 

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Vi värderar också jazzsamlingar och kan hjälpa till att sälja mot provision.

Swejazz Records & Art is a Stockholm/Sweden based company as you probably know by now.

För er som bor i Stockholm finns det nu möjlighet till upphämtning i Bromma Records butik!

This webbshop will not be updated regulary so please check in often as I update when I feel for it.

Big updates will be sent out by notification e-mails so contact me if you want to be notified.

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Posters  No shipping cost!

Golden circle/Gyllene Cirkeln posters Free shipping on all posters.

Summer sale Jazz EP

Don´t forget to visit Bromma Records shop when beeing in Stockholm, Bävervägen 53 Abrahamsberg

Thursday-Friday 11.00-18.00

Saturday-Sunday 12.00-16.00

Highly recommended!

Väg/Stockholm tillsvidare. Brand new debut LP.

Mc Habit EP, the best swedish hiphop this year!

New releases Whoareyoupeople and Barndomslandet 2 of this years best LP´s, highly recommended!

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If you ever close by meke sure to visit this great shop for vintage stuff!


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